Universal CLIP for 56Pin TSOP(1) type IC






The Pin -Out list for 56pin



The 48pin IC package dimension




What TSOP(1) 56 pin ic can be support?

Answer is all,thta's why call it universal.. 






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Support the below game console memory chips:

MX29GL128FLT2I-90G for PS3 Super Slim

IC2005-IC-011-MX29GL128ELT2I-90G.jpg (894×540)

IC2005-IC-016-S29GL512P10TFIR1.jpg (894×540)

IC2005-IC-015-S29GL512N10TFI01.jpg (894×540)

S29GL128P90TFIR2 for PS3

IC2005-IC-014-S29GL128P90TFIR2.jpg (894×540)

S29GL128N90TFIR2 for PS3

IC2005-IC-013-S29GL128N90TFIR2.jpg (894×540)

IC2005-IC-012-S29GL01GP11TFIR2.jpg (894×540)

MX29GL128ELT2I-90G for PS3

IC2005-IC-011-MX29GL128ELT2I-90G.jpg (894×540)

K8Q2815UQB-PI4B for PS3

IC2005-IC-004-K8Q2815UQB-PI4B.jpg (894×540)

K8P2716UZC-QI4D for PS3

IC2005-IC-003-K8P2716UZC-QI4D.jpg (894×540)


IC2005-IC-002-JS28F128.jpg (894×540)


More chips please check:  TSOP-56-Pin